E-Bike Rules and Regulations

Update August 2019: E-Bikes are now allowed on bicycle paths in Grand Teton National Park!  The popularity and accessibility to Electric Bikes is rapidly expanding. There have been many challenges for the rule makers and users on where Electric Bikes should and shouldn’t be allowed. We of course, think E-Bikes should be allowed to go anywhere a regular bike can go, with some limits depending only on the classification of the E-bike.

For your information, this is a breakdown of the current e-bike regulations in Jackson Hole.

Basic Regulations:

  • Town and County Pathways: YES    Pathway Map
  • National Elk Refuge (Dirt Road with Cars): YES now includes access roads during hunting season
  • National Elk Refuge (HWY 89): YES The pathway is closed Nov 1st to April 30th for the benefit of Elk migration.  Please respect this rule!
  • Grand Teton National Path Parkway: YES  Here is a link to the technical info on the GTNP website and a description of allowed E-Bikes on the NPS site
  • National Forest: YES (where motorized vehicles are allowed. ie North Shadow Mountain, Fall Creek, Mosquito Creek, Gros Ventre).

Currently, E-Bikes are not allowed on our vast network of excellent mountain bike trails including Cache Creek, Game Creek, and Teton Pass.

What’s the penalty? According to this Wyofile Article on E-Bikes riding an E-Bike in a Non-Motorized area can cost you a $225 ticket.

Winter Riding: The Bridger Teton National Forest in the Winter of 2017 started allowing e-bikes on winter travel routes. These routes are maintained by money raised by required snowmobile resident and non-resident permits. If you’re going to play and ride on these trails, please show your support of their grooming efforts by purchasing a permit for $40 available here. If you purchase a non-resident permit, it does not require a vin number (just a little easier and the money goes to the same place).