E-Bike Rules and Regulations

Update August 2019: E-Bikes are now allowed on bicycle paths in Grand Teton National Park! 

The popularity and accessibility of Electric-Bikes are rapidly expanding. As a result, there have been many challenges for the rule-makers and users. One of the main problems is where Electric Bikes should and shouldn’t be allowed. We certainly think E-Bikes should be allowed to go anywhere a regular bike can go, with some limits depending only on the classification of the E-bike.
For your information, this is a breakdown of the current e-bike regulations in Jackson Hole.

Basic Regulations:

  • Town and county pathways: YES  Pathway Map
  • National Elk Refuge (Dirt Road with Cars): YES. Now includes access roads during hunting season.
  • National Elk Refuge (HWY 89): YES. Although, the pathway is closed from November 1st to April 30th. For the benefit of Elk migration. Please respect this rule!
  • Grand Teton National Path Parkway: YES. In addition, here is a link to the technical info on the GTNP website and a description of allowed E-Bikes on the NPS site.
  • National Forest: YES. Only where motorized vehicles are allowed. For example, North Shadow Mountain, Fall Creek, Mosquito Creek, Gros Ventre.
  • Although, E-Bikes are not allowed on our vast network of excellent mountain bike trails including, Cache Creek, Game Creek, and Teton Pass.

What’s the penalty? According to this Wyofile Article on E-Bikes riding an E-Bike in a Non-Motorized area can cost you a $225 ticket.

Winter Riding:

The Bridger Teton National Forest in the Winter of 2017 started allowing e-bikes on winter travel routes. Since then, these routes have been maintained with money raised by snowmobile resident and non-resident permits. If you’re planning on riding or playing on these trails please show your support of their grooming efforts by purchasing a permit for just $40, available¬†here, if you buy a non-resident permit, it does not require a VIN (just a little easier, and the money goes to the same place).

You can find more information about the pathway system and routes to bike around Jackson here.

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