Getting to our location.

Parking options

If you already have a reservation or are planning to rent e-bikes, we recommend using an alternative way of transportation other than your car. Parking at our location is available but limited, so please, plan ahead. Also, If you present a screenshot of your Uber or taxi drive or a picture of town showing that you used any of the available transportation methods, you can get 10% off on your rental, we would like to reduce traffic and help the town to reduce our emissions.

Bellow you’ll find some of your options to get to our location. Also, feel free to call or reach out via email if you have any additional questions.


The Jackson Hole area offers public transportation, from bus or shuttle to bike and taxi. Many routes can get you to almost anywhere in town or even to Teton Village and Victor. The town shuttle is free to anyone traveling within the town of Jackson, for other locations there is a fare, you can consult it here.
The closest bus stop to our shop is at The Lodge at Jackson Hole if you are coming from the eastbound, and Scott Lane & Broadway if you are coming from the westbound. Also feel free to ask your bus driver if you are not sure where to stop.

START on-demand.

This service works as any other on-demand transportation service with the advantage that it is completely free. You can find the app on apple and android, this service is new in town, for that reason is limited to the west boundary of Karns Meadow and the Town’s eastern limits. This service provided by START can get you a little bit closer to our location or to your closest bus stop.

Taxi or Uber

If you don’t like to wait on a bus stop another alternative can be taking a taxi or an Uber, there are many taxi options in town.


If you are staying in the town of Jackson you can walk to our location, it is a beautiful walk through town and you might even see some wildlife on the way. We recomen consulting google maps for the best route to the shop.

Now that you know how to get to our shop you are one step closer to your next adventure! If you haven’t already reserved, please follow the link below to get more information, and as always feel free to reach out.



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