Try an e-bike and explore our beautiful valley


Pegasus Premio

The premium electric pathway bikes are perfect for long rides. They are equipped with gel seats and a trunk bag for your comfort. They have four levels of assistance with an average range of 60mi to 100mi. Its hydraulic brakes and intuitive pedal sensor make it one of our staff's favorite set-ups for biking into the Grand Teton National Park.


RadCity Step-thru

The RadCity e-bikes have throttles and are perfect to ride to Teton Village, Wilson, or the South park area. The powerful motor and throttle make it perfect for enjoying the views without breaking a sweat. They have 5 levels of assist and an average range of 30 - 45mi.



Fat tire e-bikes are perfect for snow and gravel with an average range of 30 - 40 miles. They are the same price as our regular e-bikes, but they offer more stability in all terrains.



This adult tricycle possesses an average range of 16 - 35 mi.
This feature makes it perfect for riding towards Wilson, Teton Village, or the South park area.
It is also equipped with a throttle and an extra cushioned seat for a more pleasant ride.



The RadWagon has a weight limit of 350 lbs making it perfect to carry kids or cargo. We offer multiple set-ups to accommodate your necessities. The Yepp seat can carry a kid up to 40 lbs making there view 100 times better than being in a trailer. Older kids are able to sit on the back with a pad an enjoy the view as well.

kids bikes

Bulls twenty4

Kds electric bikes are as powerfull as adults e-bikes but safer, it posses the same range of 60 to 100mi with a maximum speed of 12 or 15mph.


Yepp Seat

With its shock-absorbing materials, childproof safety buckle, and padded harness, this seat is perfect for riding with your most young passenger, making your adventure safe and fun for your child.
The seat is designed for children from 9 months to 6 years old, up to 40 pounds.
This seat is only compatible with the RadCity and RadWagon e-bikes.

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Looking for recommendations? Here is the map for the pathways around the Jackson area.

All bikes include a helmet and a lock and are equipped with a bell. Bluetooth intercom helmets are available for rental for $15. Call to reserve.

There is no age limit to riding an e-bike, but minors (under 18) need an adult to sign a waiver and are required to wear helmets.

Rental Rates

All rentals start at opening time and are due at closing time.

All multi-day rentals include a charger

Store Hours

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.




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