Where Can I Ride E-Bikes in Jackson?

Try an electric bike—it’s liberating!  Choose how hard you want to work and know the bike can help you get back home, or take you further.

Come explore Jackson Hole’s network of great bike routes and pathways with an Electric Bike.  Enjoy a spectacular view and front row seating to the wildlife and views along the way.  Best of all, your not spending your vacation in traffic or looking for parking!

Teton County and the Town of Jackson have welcomed Electric Bikes with open arms and they even own a fleet to save them time in traffic and reduce their impact.  The town does ask for E-Bike users to register their E-Bike for free with the Police Department to verify the bike is a Class 1, 2, or 3.  E-Bikes that are more powerful than 750w, go faster than 20 with a throttle, or faster than 28 with pedal assist are not allowed on the Town and County Pathways.

UPDATE: Grand Teton National Park and the pathway along the National Elk Refuge started allowing E-Bikes on the pathway in September of 2019.  To use the pathways in the park, E-bikes must be less than 1 hp or 750 W and have working peddles. Throttles are not mentioned. Here’s a link to the bicycle rules and regulations brochure for Grant Teton National Park.  Rules include ride single file, use reflectors or lights and follow the same rules as other vehicles on the road.

E-bikes Jackson Hole offers electric bikes and touring bikes to supplement your adventure in Jackson Hole. We are right off the Start Bus route. We also offer pick up and delivery.


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